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Can't Get Away For A Long Anniversary Vacation? How To Plan A Romantic Weekend Getaway

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If your anniversary is coming up, but you can't get away for an extended trip, it's time to plan a weekend getaway. You can create quite the romantic anniversary celebration in a hotel suite near you, especially if you plan it right. A weekend getaway to a fancy hotel will give you and your partner the opportunity to relax with a romantic retreat designed especially for the two of you. While you're planning your anniversary weekend, here are four tips that will make sure you get everything right.

Choose the Right Location for the Suite

When it comes to planning your anniversary getaway, the first thing you need to do is choose the right location for the suite. The last thing you want to do is spend your romantic weekend right across the hall from the elevators or the ice machine. When making your reservations, choose a suite that's located at the end of the hall, and preferably in a corner. Choosing that location will ensure you the most privacy, and the most peace and quiet. It's also a good idea to choose a suite with a separate bedroom and lounge area. That way, you can move to the other room if the noise does get a little too loud for your enjoyment.

Get the Best Amenities

In addition to planning the location of the room, you'll also need to consider the amenities. Having separate lounge and sleep areas are great, but you'll need more than that if you want a truly romantic getaway. When choosing your suite, be sure to get one that has a full-service bar, steam shower, hot tub, and fireplace. Even if you don't drink alcoholic beverages, the full-service bar will ensure that you have ice, a refrigerator, and champagne glasses for your sparkling cider.

Take Advantage of the Room Service

If you're going to spending the weekend in a luxury hotel suite, make sure that you and your partner take advantage of the room service. Utilizing room service will ensure that you can enjoy fine dining without leaving your room. Make sure you choose a hotel that offers 24-hour room service, including access to their full menu. That way, you and your partner can enjoy a treat in the middle of the night, or whenever you find yourselves wanting something to eat or drink.

Pay Extra for the Late Check-Out

After a romantic weekend, you might not feel like getting up early in the morning to make the required check-out time. To make sure you and your partner are well-refreshed before you head out, go ahead and pay extra for the late check-out time. That way, you can sleep in, order breakfast in bed, and leave when you're fully refreshed.