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3 Questions To Ask When Renting A Vacation Rental

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Renting a vacation rental is usually a very easy thing to do, and it can be a wonderful way to make arrangements for your vacation. To make sure that there is no confusion, and that your vacation rental process goes very smoothly, though, you'll want to ask these questions.

1. What Monies Are Owed, And When Are They Due?

First, make sure that you are clear about any monies that are owed on the rental. You may have to put down a security deposit, for example, and you may have to pay a cleaning fee. You will probably also be charged a certain amount per night, or per week. Be aware of all of the costs and when they are due. For example, you might have to pay for half of the costs when you book your rental and the other half when you check in.

2. What Is Included In The Rental?

Vacation rentals generally come with a lot more than hotel rooms do. For example, a full kitchen with all of the basic cooking supplies that you will need for your vacation might be supplied. In some cases, things like bicycles are available for renters to use while they're visiting. Before booking, make sure that you ask about what is and is not included. This will help you both pick the right rental for you and your family, and to make plans for your vacation.

3. What Should You Do Before Leaving The Rental?

Many vacation rental owners and managers offer checklists for those who rent their properties. You might be asked to do certain things, like put the dirty linens in the laundry room, wash and put away any dirty dishes, and turn the air conditioner off before you leave, for example. You may also be given specific directions about some things, like where you should leave the key to the rental when you head back home. If you aren't clear about what you should do before you leave, make sure that you call and ask the owner or manager so that there is no confusion and so that you don't have money taken out of your deposit.

Renting a vacation rental should be pretty easy, but you can avoid any misunderstandings and problems with clear communication. For example, asking the questions above will help you avoid any problems and arrive at your vacation rental fully aware of what you should expect. For more information, contact a company like Lake George Rental Houses.