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Gettin' Hitched? 3 Things Your Wedding Reception Center Needs to Have

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You will remember the day you get married for the rest of your life. However, if you want all of those memories to be pleasant, it pays to choose the right wedding reception center. Look for these things in a wedding event center or hotel to create the perfect day. 

1. Enough Space

Before you book any reception center, it is critical to nail down the guest list. Think through all of your family members and friends, and try to determine who would actually come to your event so you have a better idea of how many people you'll entertain. Keep in mind that issues such as mobility problems, the threat of communicable disease, and even new babies could make it difficult for some people to come. Consider asking family members or friends to call the people on your guest list one by one to confirm their save the date. 

2. Ambiance

Try to select a wedding reception center that has a great deal of ambiance. Look for a place that has the kind of look you are going for and something that will match the theme of your wedding. If you want a lush, tropical theme, make sure to select a place with tall palm trees, tropical flowers, and sleek, modern lines. For a more traditional look, shop for a space with a well-manicured French garden with winding paths. 

3. Functionality 

The most important aspect of selecting a venue is looking for a functional, dynamic space. Look for a venue that has a restaurant attached, just in case your caterer falls through and you plan to serve dinner. Ask how many restrooms are available, and see how close they are in proximity to your venue. 

Check outdoor lighting and PA systems to ensure you can keep the party going, even if the event runs past its scheduled time. Keep in mind that PA systems are also designed to tie in with video programming, so if you plan to show a wedding video, make sure the system works. In the days leading up to the event, ask for a dry run-through to check things once more.  

Work closely with wedding venue professionals during the hunt for the perfect reception center. Chat with them about what you need, what kind of theme you have, and what you expect out of the process. By doing your research and being specific about what you would consider, you can create a truly beautiful event. For more information, contact reception centers like Express Suites.