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5 Ways To Save Money On Hotels

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No matter where you take a trip, your hotel stay is likely one of the most expensive aspects of your vacation. Before you know it, your hotel stay can eat into your vacation budget, leaving you with little money for activities. The good news is that with some extra preparation, it is possible to not spend a fortune on lodging.

Here are some helpful tips for saving money on hotels.

1. Consider the Location

The location of a hotel can drastically affect the cost. For example, if you are traveling to New York City and book a hotel in Manhattan, you can expect to pay high prices. On the other hand, if you choose a hotel several miles outside of downtown, you may save some money.

2. Book Directly With the Hotel

If your goal is to save money on your hotel stay, you will want to avoid booking a room through third-party companies. Instead, visit the hotel's website and book your room directly. Many hotels offer lower prices if you book with them directly.

3. Book During the Off-Season

Do you have a flexible schedule? If so, it may be worth it to stay at a hotel during the off-season. For instance, if you are planning a trip to Disney World, you should think about booking a room in January or February. In addition to saving money on your room, you can also avoid huge crowds at attractions.

4. Consider a Hotel Rewards Program

One of the best ways to score great deals on hotel rooms is to sign up for hotel rewards programs. Many hotels offer these programs free of charge, so there is no risk in joining one. After you build up so many points by staying at a hotel, you can earn a discounted or free stay. 

5. Use a Travel Agent

Another easy way to save on hotel prices is to speak to a travel agent. Reputable travel agents have good relationships with a wide range of hotel brands and can negotiate a cheaper rate for you. Additionally, you will not have to pay extra money for a travel agent. Most agents get paid through commissions and do not charge their clients money.

As you can see, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a hotel stay. If you follow these tips, you can save some money on hotel feels and have extra room in your vacation budget for other things. Keep these tips in mind next time you plan a visit at a hotel such as Monte Carlo OC.