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3 Insider Tips For Hotel Stays Near The Baseball Hall Of Fame

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The official Baseball Hall of Fame is located in Cooperstown, New York, and features a huge collection of baseball memorabilia and historical artifacts. As one of the main attractions in the Cooperstown area, you want to plan your vacation around visits to the tourist attraction. If you've never been there before, then follow some tips to get the most out of your stay.

As you browse online for Baseball Hall of Fame hotels, keep these tips in mind and have a better vacation experience.

1. Look For Hotels With Free Breakfast

The Baseball Hall of Fame doesn't allow any food or drinks in the building. If you plan to attend as the museum opens, you do not want to worry about getting hungry early in your visit. When you book a hotel in the Cooperstown area, look for hotels that offer free breakfast. A free breakfast will save you money and give you something to eat right at the hotel.

You will not need to wake up earlier to travel to a different location or delay your trip to the Hall of Fame.

2. Book a Hotel Near The Trolley Lines 

The Baseball Hall of Fame does not offer free parking or a lot for guests. The only available parking is on the streets that surround the Hall of Fame. Instead of driving around to look for a spot and paying hourly, consider a hotel stay near the trolley lines. A trolley runs through Cooperstown and features stops right near the Hall of Fame.

With the use of the trolley, you can keep your car parked at the hotel for free. You can enjoy the unique trolley experience and find easy access to the Hall of Fame. When you plan a trolley trip, make sure you check the hours and run times beforehand.

3. Contact Hotels For Baseball Hall of Fame Packages

When you shop for hotels online, go directly to the hotel page and try to find contact information. When you contact hotels directly, you can find out about special packages made just for visitors to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The packages could include tickets to the Hall of Fame along with tickets to other attractions nearby.

The packages may include discounts on specific services and multiple nights in the hotel. When you purchase everything as a single package, you can save a lot of time and money.

Use these tips then next time you plan out your Baseball Hall of Fame lodging.

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