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3 Sleeping Options Ideal For A Fifth Person In A Hotel Room

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Unless you book a larger suite, most hotel rooms are designed to accommodate four people. A typical layout will include two queen beds for two people each. If you travel with five people total, then there may typically be an odd man out. Instead of making an extra hotel room reservation, hotels will often allow the fifth person to stay in the room and offer extra options.

Check out some of the sleeping options available for the fifth person and what to consider when you make your hotel room bookings.

1. Cots

Many hotels will offer roll-away cots that get directly delivered to your room. The cots can fold up and save space during the day while providing a nice bed to sleep on at night. You could set the cot in multiple areas. Ideally, you would place the cot between the two beds to save space in the rest of the room.

Along with the cot, a hotel could bring you extra pillows and blankets if the ones in the room are not enough.

2. Pull-Out Couches

Instead of individual cots, many hotel rooms feature a loveseat sofa that can convert into a pull-out bed. The bed offers an ideal spot for a single person. The bed also offers more than enough space for children to sleep on if the fifth person is a child. A hotel closet will typically feature extra pillows and blankets to use with the pull-out couch.

During the day, you can easily fold in the couch to watch TV or lounge without the need to lay on the bed.

3. Blanket Nests

If you want another option, then consider the use of a hotel floor for sleeping arrangements. Gather together all of the extra blankets and pillows in the room. If the room has a couch, then you could use ouch cushions as well. Create a comfortable padded nest for the person to sleep in. A blanket nest is a fun place for a child to sleep, but anyone can utilize the space.

Along with extra blankets and pillows in the room, you could request extra as well. All of the extras will help make a big difference in your overall nest layout and the comfort that the fifth person has.

When building the blanket nest, try to find an area that does not block a main walking path. You will not want to take apart the blanket nest each day and put it back together again.

Plan ahead to see what options a hotel has available and how you can easily accommodate the fifth guest you bring to your room. For more information on hotel room bookings, contact a company near you.